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Okay, I was wrong…

That’s right, I admit it. What is it that I was wrong about you ask? About the belief that Obama would be a better President than Hilary. That’s right, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a … Continue reading

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Tyler says…

My friend, the great Buddhist country western singer Tyler Burba, is a very wise man. It’s utterly shocking that he’s not better known given how talented he is. Really, he’s the real deal. Knows more about film and music and … Continue reading

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Whose economy?: on measuring unemployment

Things may get better. They very well could get worse. But, more likely than not, they’ll stay about the same. And, as we all know or at least as we ought to know, that status quo is pretty damn bad. … Continue reading

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Eating well for less, or, how to be a cheap bastard

So one of my dear friends just asked me, “Can you make me a shopping list?” Now, at first I was a bit taken aback. A shopping list is a very personal thing–especially, for our post-consumerist society in which what … Continue reading

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What recovery?

So we all know that despite the media’s relentless attempts to convince us of the contrary, the economy is a pile of shit and is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. If you were holding your breath … Continue reading

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