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Why we’re not educating the poor…

Why don’t our schools work, especially for poor kids? I believe there are two kinds of answers to this problem and one kind is a lot easier to address than the other. First, the hard one: kids in poverty don’t … Continue reading

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Get Rich or Die Tryin’

There is much to lament about this formula, of course. It speaks to a sentiment of unrestrained and unapologetic greed. Moreover, it valorizes this sentiment as the only basis for life’s endeavors. No apparent concern is shown for the fact … Continue reading

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Obama bin Laid-an’ Hussin’

So, in Orange County last night, for the first time, I met someone who’s part of this %20  of the population who believes that Obama’s a Muslim. It was absolutely fascinating actually! More than that, the guy had this Cabbalist … Continue reading

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Unemployment and Incarcertation

Think I was overstating the case with respect to unemployment being drastically higher than the official measurement suggests? A recent criminology study that looks at the relationship between incarceration and unemployment gives some tangible numbers behind the methodological critique I … Continue reading

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The decline of nation-state sovereignty… for worse

I would argue that that’s exactly what the new stage of the drug war (the last 2 years) on the US-Mexico border represents. As an historical institution, the nation-state has indeed been responsible for some of the most egregious violations … Continue reading

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