Notes from the LA City Hall occupation

First and foremost, I was absolutely floored at the level of commitment, respect, and humility shown by the occupiers. The genius of this form of political action is that it incorporates every aspect of life as a part of it. In addition to chanting slogans, marching, making signs, and so forth, I saw people: playing music, studying, making art, and so many other things–and doing all of it as part of a collective will. This truly is a grassroots movement where the radical particularity of individuals has the potential to manifest itself in collective action. Time and time again, I saw people taking the time to listen to one another, learn from one another, and respond to one another with loving and honest criticism. I can’t imagine a more truly open forum. Unlike so much political activism, these people haven’t already made up their minds yet (about issues and tactics, for instance). Rather, they’re open to and trusting of the process of communal dialog and collective involvement–what we used to call democracy, before that word came to mean it’s opposite–in order to foster forms of consensus that truly go beyond pre-existing individual thoughts and beliefs. In truly and fully dialoging with one another, collectively and individually, we become something more than we were when we started the process. What can I say but that I saw and felt this radical becoming happening to myself as well as others! I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve been more PROUD of a group of people. I think that this movement has indeed transformed from it’s beginnings and become a (r)evolution of character! Truly inspiring, and I only hope that more and more people continue to join this movement!

About 11again

Used to be an academic... now I'm a washed up academic. I like cooking, blues music, black writers, and morally compromised people of all persuasions.
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2 Responses to Notes from the LA City Hall occupation

  1. mtgiobbi says:

    Excellent commentary, Mark. It seems that there has been a shift here in NYC, and that the element I felt is being diluted, debased, smelted, and alchemically transformed into gold! Thanks for writing and reading.

  2. 11again says:

    I love your description of this movement as appearing through alchemy! So true! And, with your criticism, you were a part of that process my brother!

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