Food for thought: According to a recent conservative estimate, the wars waged by the US since 2001 have cost at least $12,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country. Wouldn’t you have rather had $12k in your pocket instead of two extremely bloody wars (at least one of which was entirely unnecessary–not to mention a product of sheer mendacity–and at least one of which still has no end in sight)? Personally, I know I would have rather had the money. And I know that the economy and the world would be in a lot better shape right now if the government had simply given all that money to us. Of course, it’s not inconceivable to imagine that instead of just giving it to us, the money could’ve been invested in all of the following: public health care, public transportation, public higher education, public housing, public broadband covering 95% of the country, and public arts funding. Such a thing would be tricky to measure exactly of course, but I suspect that for about the same amount of debt as the wars cost us, this country could have paid most of the start up costs for a bundle of social services nearly equivalent to that of Scandinavia. Here’s the good news: we still can. War is over (if you want it).

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Used to be an academic... now I'm a washed up academic. I like cooking, blues music, black writers, and morally compromised people of all persuasions.
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