This is what winning looks like!

Brother Chris Hedges has done it again and written a painfully beautiful piece which expertly characterizes the situation we in the 99% are facing at the present moment in which the instruments of state violence are starting to undue the fundamental rights upon which our society is predicated. If you think it’s too soon to start calling this movement a revolution, read Hedges’ piece and see if you don’t reconsider.

I for one do indeed believe that this movement truly is revolutionary in nature. I cannot help but think this. Already, I’ve seen too many things that I never would have thought possible. Sitting right here in Riverside, I feel within me the embers of the fire burning throughout the world. It is a fire of consciousness and a fire of conscience. This fire is a danger but it is also a comfort and indeed a blessing. It may burn us at times, but it is out of this fire that a better society will be forged. We need this fire to cauterize our communities from the all too present temptation to forget the daily sufferings experienced by too many, including ourselves. We need this fire to warm the hearts of the 1% so that they may let go of their desperate hold on a life of lonely avarice that hurts everyone, themselves included. We need this fire to burn up our private resentments and anxieties and we need it to kindle a truly open, truly participatory, truly democratic public culture. What we become is a question not only of ourselves and who we are as individuals but of the possibilities for becoming made possible by our relationships—how we transform those relationships is how they transform us.

The repressive state apparatus is starting to push back. It was bound to happen. Don’t let that discourage you! The more force they use, the more they undermine their own legitimacy. Our camps may get disbanded, we may get pushed out of a park or two, but don’t worry: we’ll be back, we’ll be stronger, and we’ll be bigger! This is what winning looks like!

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Used to be an academic... now I'm a washed up academic. I like cooking, blues music, black writers, and morally compromised people of all persuasions.
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