A Message to White Supremacist America

You have far more in common with the people you hate than you’ve ever realized. Your brain is running a computer program put there by someone else, for someone else’s purposes. Whatever you think you have to gain from a regime which legitimizes the killing of innocents, it can’t be worth it. The lulz aren’t worth it. The fleeting feeling of superiority isn’t worth it. The superficial attention you get from your friends and neighbors isn’t worth it. I pray for your redemption while fully recognizing the improbable nature of that eventuality. Please try your best to understand that there is no possible excuse or justification for this. http://www.nrastore.com/nrastore/ProductDetail.aspx?c=31&p=CO+635&ct=e

About 11again

Used to be an academic... now I'm a washed up academic. I like cooking, blues music, black writers, and morally compromised people of all persuasions.
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