Meditation to End the Drug War — 12/21/15

The beginning is near. The low hanging light of the winter solstice reaches the Northern Hemisphere at an ideal angle for transforming the power of the sun into a transdimensional rainbow hologram. The tree of life builds information deliberately, sequentially, in all directions, but always in a straight line. It is only when coherent light shines upon the crystallized data streams assembled by natural attraction that the parallel processes which are the precursors of life at once coalesce into the shape and time of an object which is itself an experience. The priority given to the element of water in biological systems lies in both the ease with which it transitions between physical states and the luminescent properties that it expresses within these states. To turn light back upon itself and upon itself again: this is the function of the medium. The wave interference pattern known as “the rainbow” is the result. But a result that is only the beginning. Median superposition is the point of assembly.

The folk wisdom has it right: the pot of gold lies at the end of the rainbow. Stare through the rainbow until it disappears, only for it to reappear behind your eyes. It is from this point that visions arrive, dreams are dreamt, and wishes are granted. The quality of our reality is the quality of our imagination. Play with the light behind your eyes until it grows familiar as an instrument. Sing a tapestry, weave a song. Design forms that cut to the heart of the coincidence between intention and execution. From such a place of patient levity, unseen worlds bubble into being.

Let us summon all of our power as spirit, as flesh, as mind, as bone, as dirt, as air, as light. Let us shine light upon the full range of crystallized forms bequeathed to us by the tree of life and let us marvel at the beauty of all that we behold when we do.

About 11again

Used to be an academic... now I'm a washed up academic. I like cooking, blues music, black writers, and morally compromised people of all persuasions.
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