Theory. Documentation. Economic-political manuscripts of 2044. Whatever I have to say.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated and would encourage me to write more. I’ve looked far and wide for ways to support my writing in some more conventional manner and for what I want to say and how I want to say it that has not proven to be a terribly viable option. Would it be too self-aggrandizing for me to think that my lack of reception by “media channels” has something to do with the fact that the truth is pointed by nature and thus tends to frustrate the smooth surfaces of professionalism? I want to be a dagger in the hands of the people and the more supported I am in this ambition, the more pointed I can be.

Of course, there are many forms of support and not least among them is the intellectual variety. If you want to send me a message with your ideas, thoughts, fears, frustrations, hopes, wishes, etc. feel free to contact me at britishempiricism@yahoo.com or just drop some comments!

Also, I tweet as @aliveoccupation


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