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On the logic of standardization: a response to Jeff Bliss

If you haven’t seen the viral video of Duncanville, TX high school student Jeff Bliss eloquently condemning the endless procession of worksheets that counts as education today, what’s keeping you? I can’t think of a better way to spend 87 … Continue reading

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If we fix the violence, the social networks will fix themselves

Some of my commenters have informed me that I haven’t been clear enough about just why I got so incensed over Nancy DiTomaso’s recent op-ed “How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment.” I apologize if in my disdain for white liberal obfuscation … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Nancy DiTomaso

Dear Prof. DiTomaso, I was deeply disheartened to read your op-ed in The New York Times. I very much wish that you would reconsider the fundamental perspective of the work that you are doing. I feel that, as it stands, … Continue reading

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An article I wrote about the dearth of teachers in California schools.

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Living occupiers: the REAL conservatives

While discussing the Wall St. occupation during the interview embedded above (which took place on Sept. 25), Chris Hedges made a claim that I believe is worthy of further investigation. Hedges said that those involved in the living occupation movement … Continue reading

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Food for thought: According to a recent conservative estimate, the wars waged by the US since 2001 have cost at least $12,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country. Wouldn’t you have rather had $12k in your pocket … Continue reading

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On the meaning of violence: a response to Ann Coulter

As many of you have probably heard, the humorist Ann Coulter has compared the living occupation movement to the French Revolution–when she’s not comparing us to the Nazis! First let me say, in jest, that when Ann Coulter calls you … Continue reading

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