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Open Letter to the Students of Slavoj Žižek

During his debate with David Horowitz on Julian Assange’s new TV show on the RT network, Slavoj Žižek made some remarks which were absolutely reprehensible and indefensible, even for the quite loose standards which one routinely extends to a political … Continue reading

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Occupy the media

One of the many things that made being at Occupy Wall St. such a completely fascinating experience was the opportunity to directly observe the process through which actual events are transformed and shaped into media events. Watching TV, or watching … Continue reading

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On the meaning of violence: a response to Ann Coulter

As many of you have probably heard, the humorist Ann Coulter has compared the living occupation movement to the French Revolution–when she’s not comparing us to the Nazis! First let me say, in jest, that when Ann Coulter calls you … Continue reading

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