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On the falling rate of profit…

It’s the falling rate of profit… my thoughts for the past few days exactly… but it gets complicated… at present, the govt is essentially bankrolling the maintenance of corporate america, esp. through the fed’s quantitative easing and perpetually low interest … Continue reading

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On the logic of standardization: a response to Jeff Bliss

If you haven’t seen the viral video of Duncanville, TX high school student Jeff Bliss eloquently condemning the endless procession of worksheets that counts as education today, what’s keeping you? I can’t think of a better way to spend 87 … Continue reading

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Why is there job growth amidst austerity?

236,000 jobs were added in February. Now, while this sounds like “good news,” let’s not get too excited too quickly. Even if these numbers hold up and even if this rate of job growth continued every month for the foreseeable … Continue reading

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Gun Control Needs to Start with the Police

With all of the public discussion of gun violence that has come in the wake of recent mass shootings, not enough attention is being paid to a particular segment of the population that is far more likely to carry a … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Students of Slavoj Žižek

During his debate with David Horowitz on Julian Assange’s new TV show on the RT network, Slavoj Žižek made some remarks which were absolutely reprehensible and indefensible, even for the quite loose standards which one routinely extends to a political … Continue reading

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Occupy the media

One of the many things that made being at Occupy Wall St. such a completely fascinating experience was the opportunity to directly observe the process through which actual events are transformed and shaped into media events. Watching TV, or watching … Continue reading

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The beauty of open, unrestrained, democratic conversation!

Yesterday, I was in DC handing out copies of a 3 year old article that I wrote about the legacy of MLK to passersby on K St. I was inspired to revisit this article after the action taken by Cornel … Continue reading

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